Hamburg Ballett John Neumeier und Goethe Schule Harburg (StS)

In the beginning of the year we had a workshop dealing with the topic ‘music and dancing’. Winnie Dias, former national youth ballet dancer in John Neumeier`s company, comes from Brasil and showed us some moves. They were ok at first because they were just simple moves. She also could speak German very well and she also spoke very confidently about dancing. She taught us a lot about body language. There were even a lot of beautiful dance moves that she taught us. We could do our own choreography and that was a lot of fun. She herself is a talented ballet dancer. She also danced in jail with her ballet group. Me and my whole class found that very remarkable and she showed us a documentation about it. What I also liked very much is that she cared about us a lot and that she listened to our opinions about this whole project.

Our 1st Lesson: (1/8/2019)

We were in the small gym area. There she showed us a short choreography that we had to study at home. The dance moves were very basic and easy which was a good thing for those who can’t really dance well. She herself plan a challenge from the internet. Our homework was to create our own choreography that has eight rhythms each.

Our 2nd lesson: (1/15/2019)

We were in a bigger gym hall than last time, but sadly there was no ballet mirror. There we presented our moves to Winnie and the whole class. Then we tried to make a choreography out of all dance moves we presented earlier. In the end as we danced the whole piece, Winnie filmed us.

(A Text by Nils Reichwagen and Elisa Öztürk, 7mu – make music)